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White HOT!!!

White HOT
Step aside red, it's all about White!

And what perfect timing, as the Wilkinson Center White Party Charity event is tomorrow, Saturday, June 13th, at St. Anne's Restaurant in Dallas, Texas.  The whole venue will be transformed into a magical white wonder land. Tagged as the top Dallas charity event of the year, this is surely an event you do not want to miss. All guests will be dazzled in white from head to toe. From sleek white mini dresses, to slacks and vintage separates, this is definitely the charity event to see and be seen. And, I'm happy to report that Life-STYLE by Laura is a proud CareerWorks Sponsor for this year's Wilkinson Center White Party! 

As you may know, the requested attire is white/off white. So how can we make this work for you? After all, we all want to dress to impress. As a professional fashion stylist and personal shopper, I always tell my clients that it is most important to feel comfortable and sexy in the clothes you wear. And with that being said, there are several important factors to take into consideration.

Every trend is not for every woman (or man, for that matter) . . . until now! White HOT. This standout shade was a hit on the catwalk for Spring and Summer ready-to-wear lines at Fashion Week. Models were decked out from head to toe in this crisp, fresh color. White was a major theme at 3.1 Phillip Lim, Thakoon, Derek Lam, Alexander Wang and many more.

Now, here is the catch. Once you know what clothing silhouettes look ideal on your body type, stick with that. If high waists do not flatter your figure, don't buy them-- even if they are everywhere on the runways. Same goes for overly-draped, bohemian silhouettes. If the fabric wears you and not the other way around, simply steer clear. There are enough new, stunning clothes every season, suitable for everyone, and there is no need to settle just to adhere to the latest trend.

Especially for the ladies out there, let me give you some advice to help you find the right fit for your figure:

If you’re . . .
Curvy, go for fitted-- not tight; this will allow you to show off your hour-glass shape.
 Boyish, play with voluminous skirts and draped dresses.
Tall, balance your torso with longer tops and low-waisted bottoms.

Petite, try long, straight trousers or minis to elongate your legs. Heels go a long way too!
Fuller figured, stick to structural looks that define your waistline.

So without further adieu, here's my "Fabulous Five" must-have white ready-to-wear-items and accessories for summer, and the Wilkinson Center White Party:

1) AG Tailored straight leg paints. If you want a more slim fit (and you do NOT have very muscular thighs), then you will love the AG "Matchbox" Slim Straight Leg pants. For a straight leg fit that is a more forgiving (and definitely not as tight in the seat and the legs), your best choice is the AG "Protégé" Straight Leg pant. And here's one giant hint: the AG Protégé is Nordstrom's number one selling pant - not even kidding! The material is extremely comfortable, lightweight, fits well, is machine washable, cut from incredibly soft, richly dyed cotton . . . incorporates the classic five-pocket style-- AND and it comes in numerous colors other than white. 


* If you know anything about guys and how they shop, here's one tip. Men are very religious in their shopping habits, especially when it comes to basics, like a well-made pant. Once they find an uber comfortable and stylish item they like, as in the AG "Protégé, there is no need from them to re-invent the wheel. Instead they ask, "So, what other colors does this come in? Perfect, I'll take all six!" --> And that is not an exaggeration whatsoever. To purchase the AG Pant, click here.

2) Goodbye LBD (Little Black Dress) and say hello to "The Little White Dress". Ok, so we know this is Dallas, TX. Can you guess what the stereotypical Dallas dress is? In any large retailer that carriers cocktail dresses, the buyers always tell me that the number one dress brand Dallas women choose when they want to feel "sexy" at an event is Hervé Léger. Yes, I own an Hervé Léger, but it's powder blue, and I purchased it for a tropical Barbados vacation. So please work with me here and let's remove the stereotype and steer clear from a white bandage dress. I'm not saying that an Hervé Léger is ugly or unattractive. The construction is impeccable, and there is a time and place for a dress like this - just not at this event. There's a plethora of other options that are ten times better, and I say this for three main reasons. First and foremost, you are going to be sweating . . . like crazy. We all know that a fabric like that does not breathe whatsoever, and did I mention that it's the middle of June? Yes, we are going to be outside for this event. Secondly, you will probably see at least five other girls wearing the same dress. Yikes! That's never a fun feeling. And last but not least, Hervé Léger is often the easy option - and very pricey at that. You never want to look like you ran out of time and just settled for the easy, yet very expensive option, just so you could adhere to the dress code (in this case white or off white).

Instead, let's amp up the volume and do something unpredictable. How about a fun and flirty dress like this Alexis dress? The embossed floral lace detail adds an element of class, but this dress is still sexy and fun. And, you will also get a lot of use out of a dress like this. For instance, you can wear this dress on Sunday Funday with a pair of snake-skin embossed cork, strappy wedges. Come date night, wear a black leather moto (motorcycle) jacket on top, paired back to a hot pair of black high-heeled leather booties. The juxtaposition of mixing hard (moto leather jacket) with soft (a dress like this); especially a dress with feminine detail like lace appliqué . . . yes, that truly equals styled perfection. You are good as golden. To purchase the Alexis Dress, click here.

3) Yes, yes and yes! Shoes. Shoes make any girl happy. Well men can appreciate the finer things in life like shoes too, but that's the next number below. Ladies--these shoes are purposely not 100% white. An all white can be pretty boring. This shoe? It's anything but boring! The combination of three different fabrications - napa kid leather, snakeskin and dyed calf hair (to make it look like zebra), truly add to the mystery, elegance and overall fab factor of this strappy sandal. It's legitimate eye candy, for your feet! Oh, and did I mention that it's on SALE? Yes ma'am! If you have not worn Jimmy Choo, then you do not know just how comfortable their shoes are. Now is your chance! And as I always say, "You get what you pay for." 

Personally, I would much rather spend money on quality shoes, because I know I am going to wear them . . . wear them a whole lot. And in the end, your feet will thank you, I know mine do. Especially if you are wearing strappy heels like this to an event where there is dancing. Say no to blisters my friend, and say hello to designer shoes!

*And just a little side note: Shopping is truly my cardio. On a SLOW day of personal shopping and fashion styling, I walk 10 miles in 4+ inch heels, in the mall, carrying a ton of shopping bags, a heavy satchel purse, my dog in his little bag . . . and my feet really NEVER hurt. Why? Because I choose to not skimp on shoes. Wearing cheaper shoes are painful if you are planning on doing a lot of walking. AND, with the same amount of money you spend on two pairs of lesser quality shoes, you can buy one classic designer shoe that is going to last you forever. Just a little fashion for thought. Quality over quantity- always. To purchase the Jimmy Choo Shoe, click here.

4) Gucci drivers; yes I said Gucci and these gems are on SALE too! The white pebbled leather is to-die-for and considerably more durable than regular white kid or patent leather. I have referenced the term "kid" leather several times in this blog, so I want to make sure you know what that means. "Kid" leather is what you would consider plain, sleek, very high quality leather - it's not shiny like patent leather or textured like this pebbled leather. The majority of the shoes and belts you own are made from kid leather. With that being said, Gucci leather is one of the finest Italian leathers available in the world. And in classic Gucci style, these drivers showcase the metal Gucci detail and the trademark "driver" pebbled rubber sole. 

Now there is one important thing to keep in mind with all driver shoes, even with the top-of-the-line brands: In general, driver shoes are very functional and comfortable, but they are not necessarily the type of shoe that you want to wear on an eight-hour day, especially a day full of walking. The driver shoe is a more casual shoe; not just in its silhouette but also in its construction; therefore, you will not have as much arch and ankle support with a driver shoe as you would with a normal loafer or lace up. To purchase the Gucci Shoe, click here.

5) And last, but certainly not least, let's include an accessory equally adored by men and women both - a watch. While the picture here is definitely an investment watch, as it's a Rolex, please do not let that deter you. Just like with all the other "White HOT" items in this list, let this serve as inspiration for you. You can achieve any look you want on any budget. If you can afford an investment piece like a nice watch, shoes, etc, I definitely think it is worth it in the long run. But, you DO NOT have to break into your savings account or sign up for six months no interest on your retail credit card just to afford the latest trend. Trust me, I speak from experience. :)

This watch is a certified pre-owned Rolex Ladies' DateJust watch, available at Neiman Marcus courtesy of Crown & Caliber. The stainless sleel and 18-karat white gold detail is truly impeccable. The white dial is what makes this watch look so sleek. And if Rolex is not your style, be sure to check out the incredible selection of white Chanel watches at Neiman Marcus NorthPark - they are GORGEOUS! To purchase the Rolex Watch, click here.

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