Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Men's Fashion; Confidence is KEY.

Confidence is key. When a man walks into a room, his internal confidence becomes external. Whether he is drawing upon his experience, his faith, or the notion that he knows he looks good . . . wherever it comes from, confidence is key.

We all want it, but not every one possesses it. Confidence comes from an array of sources, but most importantly for men, confidence comes from their job. Did you hear that? Yes, a man feels most confident when his career is going well, and he's cruising to the top.

So what breeds confidence? It's not superficial, just the truth. When a man feels confident in his appearance, he can enter a room-- whether it be a high-pressure meeting, networking happy hour or first date, the man with confidence will always leave a lasting, favorable impression.

And on this notion of confidence, a man's professional wardrobe is absolutely essential. Dress the part, and the rest falls into place. It is imperative that every man understands how to pair different textures, fabrics and how to transition his look from day to night - all with confidence.

The easiest way to illustrate a well-rounded men's wardrobe is with pictures. My inspiration this week came from a dear friend in fashion, Joey Powers, who is also known as on Instagram. So without further adieu, let's begin:

Your first impression of this look is probably along the lines of, "Wow, that outfit is on point!" Yes, that's exactly right, as this look accomplishes a modernized three-piece suit, without the formality of your traditional three piece "mixy matchy" suit. The midnight blue sport coat paired over a heather grey vest with dark denim truly creates an aesthetically pleasing attire. Not to mention the pocket square with the perfect amount of color. Your father would not wear this look, and that's a good thing.

More buttoned up. This look is awesome! Pairing a navy blue pinstripe blazer over a stark white button down is definitely a classic duet. But, what makes this outfit oh so memorable is the diagonal-striped army green tie, topped off with a fun pop of print  and color in the orange and blue pocket square. Not detail goes overlooked in this number.

Window panes for days. This look initially draws you in with the standout-window pane sport coat, but what intrigues you and draws you in is the accessories and ease of this outfit. The balance of earth tones and metallics is instrumental to the overall magnetism of this ensemble. And yes, denim is the perfect mate for this blazer - carrying this look from the office all the way to date night.

Neutrals that are not so neutral. Talk about mixing textures- this look truly draws you in right away. The white poof of a pocket square is classic and elegant. But most importantly, pairing a plaid sport coat with a printed tie takes sheer confidence, but it must be done right- like in this photo. Make sure you steer clear of any tie that stares back at you. These are ties that tear your eyes away from the rest of the look. 

Bam! Bold and in charge. This look may not be for everyone, but it sure is memorable. The bordeaux mix plaid sport coat is a standout piece and is ideal for a special occasion or holiday party. Another three-piece look that is grounded with a lighter wash denim. These jeans adds an extra dimension of style - all with ease.

Is it a beach wedding? Every single aspect of this look equals true, effortless perfection. The neutral kaki suit, crochet navy-striped tie and the beaded bracelets are definitely on point. Add to it the French blue linen-blend button down, and you really have one stand out look. This is BY FAR my favorite outfit. Wow is an understatement! 

In the end, fashion is the stigma that draws in your audience, while confidence is the trigger that holds their attention. So let’s talk about what’s real. What sells. Who climbs the ladder and who holds it up. How many times has your brilliant idea, that you were so excited about the night before the presentation been overlooked by "the powers that be" only to be stolen the next quarter by a lesser colleague who presented it a way that you couldn’t? What's the difference? What does he have that you don't? The answer my brilliant friends is CONFIDENCE.  

A man’s confidence turns from internal to external in heart beat, before a single syllable of a word has been uttered. Whether it be a high-pressure board room meeting or a first date, a man's confidence is the key that unlocks the openness of his audience’s mind. So where does confidence come from?  Clearly you have the intellectual side figured out. You are smarter and work harder than the guy who gets all the credit, but your audience is not nearly as receptive to what you have to say as some others. Take a hard look at the situation and realize the only difference between him and you is that he LOOKS better, you know it, he knows it, and most importantly the audience, (bosses, colleagues, etc.) know it. What if we level the playing field? What if you look as awesome (if not better) than him? What would happen to your career then? Let's find out - together.  

For styling and media inquiries, please contact Laura Fedock with Life-STYLE by Laura at:

Photo credit goes to Joey Powers! Be sure to follow him on Instagram: !


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