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Operation Rock the Troops: Runway Rock Show!!!

Hi Fashion and Rock Lovers:

I'm a firm believer that if you surround yourself with positive, uplifting people, then and only then, you are destined to do great things in this world. One of my gifts (thanks to the Man upstairs) is fashion - and in return, I embrace fashion as my passion! When I met Matthew JC, and he asked me to join the JC Allstar team as the new lead stylist for his Runway Rock Show, I didn't even hesitate. My answer, to be precise was, "Yes, without a doubt, yes! Let's get started right now. How can I help you? What do you need from me?" Just like Matthew JC, I am a firm believer that "you have to give before you receive". So this is a little blog post and tribute to the latest and greatest Operation Rock the Troops (ORT) Runway Rock Show.

Rewind to last Wednesday, April 29th at Gas Monkey Grill in Dallas, TX. I have the pleasure of being the lead stylist for the epic Operation Rock the Troops concert. The event features seven amazing bands - all coming together for one cause - Operation Rock the Troops. The JC Allstars are set to take the stage by 10 PM. It's showtime people! 

In collaboration with two different fashion labels, Carito CarĂ³ and Scott Blair Showroom, my own accessories (and the accessories from my styling assistant for the day who also doubles as an amazing jewelry designer, Rye) we put on an incredible Runway Rock Show! In the words of Matthew JC, "[This show] has a style all its own! And this is just the beginning people!"


And now for the pictures!

Photo credit goes to Ale Bonilla, from Esoterica Salon. Esoterica Salon has been doing the hair and makeup for Operation Rock the Troops for ten years! Feel free to check out their amazing event video that is coming soon to their web site at:

Photo credit also goes to Sterling T Stevens. To see more of his work, as he keeps his site updated with his latest projects, simply go to:

And last, but not least, photo credit also goes to one of my favorite fashion photographers, Marcus Lopez. Marcus came to support the event and was so moved by the show that he took a bunch of pictures on his smartphone! Thank you Marcus!

So now we can allow more pictures to speak for themselves. All styling is brought to you by yours truly, Life-STYLE by Laura, and I'm Laura :)

The day for me starts at Pin Salon. I knew Esoterica Studios would be slammed on-site doing the hair and makeup for 25 models, so my hair is styled by my go-to guy, Cam Allison. He is AMAZING! 

Before the madness, I promise all my fans, family and friends that I will stop and take a picture. Thank you so much Rye for being my styling assistant for the day and taking this pic! So that's styling assistant, jewelry designer, photographer, and all over amazingness . . . yes ma'am!

Speaking of Rye, (whose jewelry line, O p a l M i l k by Rye, is featured in the Runway Rock Show); she is above. Yes, Rye is absolutely beautiful, but even more she is so incredibly talented, it blows my mind! Check out more of her collection at:

This fpicture is a post-TV interview selfie. Well I guess it's technically a "groupie" since there's two of us! I love being interviewed by such a dear friend, the super-talented, sweet and equally beautiful, Misty Romano.  

The Guest of Honor is Andrew Marr, the founder of Warrior Angels Foundation. In the picture above, Andrew is being interviewed with Matthew JC by Alyssa. This all takes place prior to the Runway Rock Show.

Speaking of ROCK show - Matthew JC and the JC Allstars definitely know how to rock out! Not to mention the lead singer for the JC Allstars, Bishop Booker II - that boy can sing! He takes us to church and a rock show at the same time! And did you notice Brad Hawkins on stage jamming with the JC Allstars? Yes, Brad Hawkins - as in the star from the Award Winning movie, "Boyhood"! We are so excited that Brad is a part of the JC Allstar family. What a natural entertainer he is!







The entire Runway Rock Show is truly electrifying! We showcase two different fashion labels, Carito CarĂ³ and Scott Blair Showroom in a whimsical yet Maxim-style event. This truly compliments the music and adds an extra dimension of entertainment! Every look is accessorized from head to toe, never overdone. But what makes the event even more special is that every single model, and every person involved in this Runway Rock Show has a heart of pure gold. We all volunteer our time, because we absolutely, without hesitation, believe in this charity! We owe this inspiration and motivation to Matthew JC himself! We are all proud to be a part of the JC Allstar family, and we wear our NEW dog tags proud! (The amazingly creative dog tags that include a USB drive with the second JC Allstar album!) Thank you Matthew JC!

****There is a exclusive private screening of the Operation Rock the Troops Runway Rock Show at the VENETIAN THEATER on May 23rd at 6 PM. Seating is VERY limited! So all of you who love fashion, rock, this great nation and its military, or maybe you just have a charitable heart-- be sure to purchase your tickets today for the private screening. Tickets are only $20 and can be purchased here: 

And a little side note, the concert and Runway Rock Show will air on the local Dallas CBS affiliate, TXA 21 on May 23rd. It's technically May 24th, as it airs at 1 AM, so be sure to set your DVRs. This show will reach nearly SEVEN million people! Now that is absolutely incredible!!!

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