Thursday, January 10, 2019

HAPPINESS, Health and Beauty Tips for 2019 (and Life)

As I wake up today, it’s cloudy outside and I remember how far I’ve come. So many of you follow me on Instagram and this blog because of my career in fashion. Thank you for that. I’m hopeful you even appreciate my sense of humor or maybe we are friends from college. But what many of you don’t know is that I have always struggled with anxiety and depression. Over the past few years it got worse. My anxiety was exasperated by chronic migraines and neck pain. In the past waking up on a day like today would be “a reason” to have an off day or an off week or an off month. This cold front coming through would trigger a migraine. Add the chronic pain to anxiety and everything would snow ball. I would be angry at myself for feeling awful...and that just made it worse. I have always been so hard on myself. My worst critic.

Guess what? Mental health is not a something you decide to struggle with. It is not a choice and I will argue that forever, with anyone. And if you are struggling emotionally you know what I’m talking about, but it’s the people who don’t understand how you're feeling . . . who come from a very naïve, negative place. They think that you can just go to the gym, take an antidepressant, pray, think positive and you’ll be just fine. (Cue eye roll.)

When your brain is not wired like somebody’s who does not suffer from anxiety and depression, and you want to feel better... you try everything in this world. I did. I tried EVERYTHING. But I still didn’t feel better. I felt defeated. Lost. Confused. The opposite of happy. I was miserable. KEY part is that all of of these struggles are now in the past.

I promise to share specifics about my journey in future posts. What I can tell you now is that I am free of extreme anxiety, depression, I barely get any headaches, my chronic pain is a non issue, and I'm happy! Regular medicine does not work for me. I tried SO many different ones, all the way back to when I was a 12 years old. BUT, what did work was this cutting-edge infusion treatment. Ketamine infusions gave me my life back. I have never been this happy before. My brain is completely healed. 100%.

No one and I repeat no one on this earth should have to suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, depression, bi-polar depression or PTSD. I never had true PTSD nor was I dealing with bi-polar disorder, but this treatment is successfully treating those disorders. Thank God. Together, we can finally stop negative stigma around mental health.

I'm here to empower you today. I still use all these tips today, and I truly believe in them. All of these tips come from a place of love. I want to help you, and I sincerely mean that. So let’s get started.

1. Happiness. Because you know what is really beautiful? Glowing from being at peace and feeling happy. We all want it. Some of us are experiencing it right now, some of us are struggling, and some of us may be struggling next week. We get into a funk and don’t even know what's hit you. Like losing a loved one...or an emergency surgery. That can surely knock you down, and it’s not your fault. Read that again— it’s not your fault. But what is a CHOICE is deciding to find something that makes you happy again. If you have an underlying mental health issue and medicine doesn’t work for you, it's not your fault. If your family has a history of heart disease, you can do everything possible to adjust your lifestyle and be proactive, but you heart health is still going to be an issue. That's also not your fault. Brain health (PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic migraines) up until recently, haven't had a treatment option like Ketamine infusions -- with none of the horrible side effects. It offers instant results and has a 90% success rate. By instant, I mean three hours later. I did my first treatment last November here in Dallas, TX, at Texas Ketamine Specialists. This is not a rehab facility. It a doctor's office. It took one hour, I went home and slept for a couple hours and then I woke up. Literally. I went outside my parents' house and took my dog for a walk. And for the first time I looked around. The sun was shining through the leaves of the trees, I could hear the birds chirping, and I was completely at peace. It was quiet and beautiful, because I didn’t have anxiety, I wasn't sad, and I didn’t have a headache. I was finally living and happy. This is what normal feels like. Wow. 

We all want to be happy but we are all afraid to talk about not being happy. It's so annoying. That has to stop. I was really cautious to share my story, because I was worried about being judged. I’m not afraid to share my story anymore. I want to help you, and I want you to be happy and thrive too!

2. Treat Yourself. Now that we’ve gotten the crucial conversation out of the way, treat yourself. Now this looks differently for everybody. Maybe you’ve been working really really hard and you’re exhausted. Take a nap. Get a massage. Go buy the shoes that you’ve been wanting to buy. Take a trip. Just do it, because you deserve to be happy. And don't second guess it.

3. Celery Juice. It's something everybody is buzzing about now, but I’ve been drinking it for quite a while thanks to a dear friend of mine Lindsay. She told me all about it. "Try celery juice", she said. "Just trust me." Do you want your skin to look good? Say goodbye eczema and horrible breakouts. Do you want to heal your body from the inside out? The benefits go on and on and on, and I cannot tell you enough how much of a difference drinking celery juice first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) will do for your life. I legit feel like this is one of the most magical secret cures that is not so secret anymore. Added bonus, it helps with weight loss and also increases your mental clarity. Just check out this graphic above. I'll just leave the rest to the experts, because celery juice is just that-- life changing.

4. Snuggle With a Dog. If you don’t have a dog or cat, get one. We had cats growing up, so the dog I have now is the first dog I've ever had. He's 12 and amazing. If you do not have a dog (or cat, because I don’t want to offend the cat people), run to your nearest shelter and get one. I’m not even kidding. There is nothing more unconditional as far as love goes, and there’s nothing better for stress than loving on a pet. If you know me you know how obsessed I am with my dog, Riley. He is my everything, my fur baby. So I suggest that you snuggle with your dog or cat today. Yep. It's just that simple. You will be happier and healthier because a dog (or cat) is in your life.

5. Aromatherapy. I’m obsessed with candles. Kinda embarrassed about it. The only thing that I hoard is candles. At my condo, I have a closet of candles. If my friends don’t know what to get me for a gift, it’s probably going to be a candle. I love different smells. But it’s more than just candles. It’s lavender bath bombs, an aromatherapy neck wrap...even a particular perfume/cologne that just makes you happy. Everyone is different, so I encourage you to find what scent makes you happy. I suggest you start with lavender essential oil.

6. Help OthersDo you something for another person. This could be as simple as “acts of service” from The Five Love Languages, but let’s take it one step further. If you are having a particularly bad day and your depression/anxiety is trying to steal your joy, do something for another person. Pay it forward at the Starbucks’ drive through or volunteer at your favorite non-profit organization. Something beautiful happens to our mindset when we share kindness with others. Poof. Our thoughts shift from self pity and negative self talk to a position of pride. We are now empowered and full of grace. Before you know it, you have forgotten about the challenges that once plagued you. After all, life is a matter of perspective, because perception is our reality.

7. Skin health with Dr. Adean Kingston. Men and women alike, we all need a good dermatologist. I don’t care how many times you go to the gym or how healthy you eat, if you do not have a good dermatologist, you are making a mistake. Get your skin checked every year for skin cancer. I have my personal dermatologist faves here in Dallas, and Dr. Adean Kingston is an angel. This is not a paid ad for her, but she is incredible. From skin cancer checks to anything cosmetic, she is your girl. And her staff, especially Mia is amazing. So do with this what you what. Men - get your skin checked with her. My whole family goes to her. She used to be one of the main dermatologists at Cooper Clinic before she started her own practice. For me, I am very open and conservative with preventative skin care. Botox, fillers and laser treatments to remove sun are amazing. I bet you would not be able to guess my age unless we grew up together. And Dr. Kingston is my secret.

8. Secret Facial. One more big tip that also has to do with your skin. Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t have the money to do preventative skin care like laser treatments." What if I told you just from following this blog that I can get you an amazing one-hour facial using the top skin care products, with a renowned esthetician in a spa environment. This is not a Mary Kay facial where you do it yourself. Every celebrity you follow who has glowing skin absolutely uses at least one product from the Natura Bissé collection. If you are interested, please shoot me a message. I’ll hook you up. This is also not at ad. I make zero money by telling you about this. I often tell my clients about this secret, but why not share that with you too? Your skin will be glowing, happy and healthy. You will feel relaxed and they DO NOT push their products on you. It's a win-win.

9. Music. I love music. I don’t know about you, but I would deal well with the daily stress of life without music. Whatever you enjoy listening to just do it. I am personally obsessed with Pandora. Some of you may love Spotify or Apple Music… it doesn’t matter what interface you use, but jam out. If I'm feeling spunky I'll turn on Mike Jones or play my Rihanna playlist. Music is healing but also it’s so much fun. The whole point is that music is therapy. No matter what you are going through, there is music to listen to, learn from and simply enjoy.

10. Exercise. I’m happy to report that exercise did not come first on this list. This all goes back to the happiness. Exercise because it makes you feel better. Don’t exercise because you believe that if you’re in good shape and you look “perfect” that the guy that you like is finally going to notice you. Or for the guys reading this, that the girl you want to date is finally going to go out with you. Exercise because it’s good for your brain. We all know what I’m talking about, and no matter how crappy you feel— if you get up and get some exercise, you feel better. Walk outside for five minutes on your lunch break. Personally, I'm obsessed with pilates. It’s fun, challenging, tones my muscles (not an a bulky way, as it elongates while toning), so that’s what I do. I will never be this hard-core cardio person. I hate running. You don’t have to go to the gym every single day and kill yourself doing weights or extreme cardio. Sometimes it’s as simple as going outside and walking your dog or walking the mall (like me). Whatever you choose, just know it makes a difference.
------Speaking of malls and walking, I’m just finishing my celery juice and will be off to the mall. I'll be walking in five-inch heels and bringing my dog with me. I hope you have an amazing day and great weekend ahead. I look forward to hearing your feedback too. If you made it this far and are still reading, please give yourself a high-five! This was a very long and wordy post, but all of this needed to be said. Ketamine infusions, done with the right medical staff can be life changing. I hope this helps. And if you are truly struggling . . . right now, today, reach out to your doctor and tell them you want to learn more about Texas Ketamine Specialists. If you need more specifics, please e-mail me. I will gladly share more. I love you guys, I’m grateful for YOU, and I will talk to you soon.
With love,

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer Chic

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Holy Fashion

There is a time and a place for distressed denim and one fabulous blazer. It's those two magic words-- Girls' Night!

Distressed jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. These jeans are a cropped version, so they're perfect for showing off your favorite heels. Now there's one main thing to keep in mind when purchasing denim like this -- where is it distressed? If the jeans are distressed around the knees, the holes will become more exaggerated as you wear them (which is precisely the point). Every time you are sitting, driving a car, etc. the distressed areas will tear and shred further. 

And here's a closer look at this statement jacket. This jacket makes the looks! Without this piece, my Girls' Night outfit would have consisted of a black bodysuit, denim and heels. Yawn. There should always be a minimum of one item in your outfit ensemble that is a stand-out piece. 

Speaking of bodysuits. If you do not own a simple black bodysuit, allow me to I suggest this one. And I know you are wondering this, so I'll answer before you even have to ask. Yes, some bodysuits are just one giant wedgie. No bueno! I'm happy to report that this bodysuit is not like that  whatsoever. It's über comfortable, reasonably priced, and a very soft fabric; all together making for a great base layer for any outfit.

The back is extra fun too. Plunging, not too revealing and tasteful. I wore my jacket the entire evening, except for when we were dancing at The Weeknd concert. What an amazing night that was!

Now we all know that no outfit is complete without the proper accessories. For jewelry, I always love to wear gold and silver together (or as I often refer to it-- mixing warm and cool tones). I chose a staple Bauble Bar rhinestone choker paired back to a gold-filled St. Raine lariat necklace

Now here's the secret with Bauble Bar. I purchased this statement necklace (shown above), but the choker is not attached to the bib necklace. So basically you get two different looks for the price of one. I wear this choker all the time . . . probably too much. But it's just so much fun!

If you are not a huge fan of chokers, and prefer a staple piece, this St. Riane lariat necklace is stunning!

And last, but certainly not least-- SHOES!!! If you do not own a pair of Pedro Garcia shoes, you are missing out. This style, tagged the Piper, is Pedro Garcia's signature shoe. Until you try this brand, you have no idea what comfortable shoes feel like! It wasn't until I started my first job in retail at Nordstrom (being on marble floor for 8-10 hours at a time), when I discovered this incredible brand. I refer to Pedro Garcia as fashionable, orthopedic shoes. The cork sole is extremely supportive, lightweight, and the shoe hugs your feet. 

Denim: Similar Here
Jacket: Yigal Azrouël: Here
Bodysuit: Similar Here
Bauble Bar Choker: Here
St. Raine Lariat Necklace: Here (Use code LAURASTYLE for 10-15% off your entire order).
Pedro Garcia shoes: Discounted Here, Similar Here

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring is here!

Spring is here, but that doesn't mean you need to change up your entire wardrobe. Adding a pop of color paired back to nude strappy sandals turns any girls favorite outfit color (black) into a fun spring ensemble. 

Go into any girls closet and she has black, black and more black. It's obvious that we love black because of it's durability, but also because of it's slim-ability. ;)

Why does this outfit work? We create a black canvas with this feminine ensemble that allows us to accentuate the look with a pop of color with this Céline handbag. If you know me, you know that Céline is my go-to with handbags. Just like any designer handbags, Céline bags are an investment buy-- BUT they are extremely affordable in comparison to Chanel or Hermès bags.

Can we please get an AMEN for this blue python Céline mini luggage? Living in Dallas, the most coveted handbag color is blue. And if your blue bag has a pop of black, it's even more fab. So you may wondering "Why blue?" Well, all of our sports teams, besides the Dallas Stars, have blue in their team colors. And a girl should always be prepared with the right accessories come game day. 

What am I looking down at? Honestly I'm admiring one my favorite neutral Laurence Daçade strappy sandals. But I would be lying if I didn't say that I also was concentrating to not fall in the pool. LOL! 

Here's a closer look at these beauties. As you can see, I actually wear them. They are fashionable, comfortable and so perfect to dress up any look. From skirts to distressed denim, these shoes rock!


And last, but certainly not least, this St. Raine denim choker. We all know how fun and on trend chokers are right now. Did I mention that this denim choker is reversible? To lighten up the look, flip it to the backside (as shown above), or wear it on the other side with all dark denim exposed, as shown below. Either way, this look is so much fun, and sure to turn heads!

Outfit details:

St. Raine denim choker: here (**Use code LAURASTYLE to receive 15% off this choker AND your entire purchase from
Opening Ceremony top: Similar here
Leith black skirt: Similar here
Laurence Daçade sandals: Similar here
Céline mini luggage handbag: Similar & Discounted here
Brunello Cucinelli Wrap Bracelet (currently not available)
Cartier Watch: Discounted here

Friday, November 18, 2016

Comfy doesn't mean dowdy!

TGIF Fashion lovers!

Yessss, it finally feels like fall, so it's time to get out your UGGS, put on a moo-moo (that adorable tent-like outfit) and never change out of those leggings that have split seams and two holes in them. --> Said no girl ever . . . or maybe you have thought this? Haha! Did you realize that you can absolutely look and feel casual, comfy and cute, without appearing like an old lady with 52 cats? Yassss!

(Just a little side note: your boyfriend, husband, finacé, etc will LOVE this look for you too.)

And, if I told you that you could rock this look on a budget, would you? (Remember code LAURASTYLE at checkout for extra savings.)

Perfect as a holiday gift, these ribbed shorts are awesome, and oh so comfy. And whether you have a booty or not, you will in these shorts. I'm not even kidding. It's magic really. And the top is awesome too. You are not limited to just wearing these items together - trust me. I have worn the shorts with a contrasting knit top, thigh high boots and enjoyed a fun girls' dinner date. As far as the ribbed tank goes, why not pair it back to high waisted medium-wash flared denim or a high waisted black pencil skirt? Perfection!

The shorts and top are sold separately, which is ideal, because as women we aren't necessarily the same size on top as we are on the bottom. #realtalk

And as you may know from following my INSTA (@lifestylebylaura), Snapchat (@lkfed) and this blog, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. And by right accessories, I always splurge on shoes (and in this case I didn't have to "over-the-top splurge", because they are UGGS). At the same time, I LOVE jewelry that is top-notch quality without being a total rip off- literally leaving a hole in your wallet. Why pay the retail price when you can get the same look (if not better) for less?

***And as I mentioned earlier about Christmas and holiday gift ideas - stay focused guys. Here's something awesome for you to know. Your significant other would adore any of the items featured in this post. (100% honesty.)

Dainty necklaces and layering are all the jewelry craze now. Yes, a statement necklace has its time and place, but for casual, every day wear . . . less is more. In this look I have layered my favorite gold-filled evil eye necklace with this gold bar lariat necklace. Why the evil eye? Because I believe in positivity and positive vibes only. And the lariat? Well, there is something classy, sexy and stylish about a necklace that dips below the collar bone and shows your curves. **It doesn't dangle down in your cleavage, but it does highlight the décolletage. However, it is available is a longer length if you want it to accentuate you "chest" area. ;)

The bracelets are also layered too. I love the colors of moonstone, because of its neutrality. The top bracelet has pavé diamonds surrounding the stone, while the bottom bracelet is made entirely from rose quartz beads. Rose quartz is one of my faves, as it's a healing stone (as is moonstone). So basically it's a bracelet trio designed and selected to calming perfection.

Well that's all I have for you today lovers. Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! Can you believe Thanksgiving is less that a week away? I can't. Take care, and I will be doing another post very soon. Safe travels and keep your chin up. All that quality time with family can be fun but equally overwhelming. Haha - you know what I'm talking about. XOXO!

AND, if you need help with your holiday shopping, I'm still booking for the end of November and December. Having a stylist and personal shopper help you with your holiday shopping is probably one of the best decisions you can ever make. I'm here to assist - simply shoot me a message. From shopping for the entire family or unique gift ideas, whatever your needs are we can tailor an action plan just for you:


Items showcased, eligible for a discount with code LAURASTYLE at checkout:

Clothing: Bailey ribbed tank & Bailey ribbed shorts
Accessories: Evil eye necklace, Lariat necklace and bracelets (sold in a set or separately via special request)

Items shown, currently not eligible for a discount:
Espresso Whitley lace-up UGG Boots: Here.
Frank & Eileen Chambray, light-wash indigo button down shirt: Here.
Hermès lagoon blue double tour iWatch: Similar Here, as this is a newer version.

Please direct all styling, branding and media inquiries to:

All photos are copyright of Laura with Life-STYLE by Laura with proper recognition always given. 
Special thanks to:
Dan Bui - Owner of SISU Uptown for allowing us to use your beautiful space for this blog series and photo shoot.
Mary Massoudi Guevara for on-site glam, styling and more.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mauve-a-lous darling!

It's Wednesday evening - AKA, almost Thursday and that means it's almost Friday. Yasssss! Come tomorrow morning, put your lipstick on, turn on some rap music and just handle it. At least that's what this "boss babe" does. My life is far from perfect, please allow me to clarify that. If you have been following my blog and story from the very beginning, you have read about some of my struggles. 

Well in this moment, especially as I'm typing this, I can say that I am truly happy. I am in a great place, and I love nothing more than to be able to share this positivity, love and light via social media and on this blog to help empower you. Yes, YOU. Please don't ever forget that.

And thanks to the Wishwall Foundation and Simonetta Lein's publication regarding my business, Life-STYLE by Laura for inspiring me. This is officially my second edition in the "Empowering Style and Fashion" blog series. I present to you another fabulous look that is very on trend for the season - both in silhouette and color. MAUVE, or as we're calling it in this post, "Mauve-a-lous darling".

Isn't life so beautiful? It definitely isn't perfect . . . but your outfit can always be. ;) This look is a perfect example of mixing affordable, quality fashion with timeless, investment pieces. Nothing accents the most stunning ribbed crop set like a gorgeous pair of rocker-chic shoes. Yassss! These shoes and accessories give me life!!! 

**And before we dive into more details dolls, you probably know the drill by now. Links to items will be shared throughout and at the very end. You receive 10% off your entire purchase at both boutiques mentioned using code LAURASTYLE at checkout!

And why this two piece mauve ensemble from Bask Boutique? Because there are very few people that mauve doesn't look awesome on. AND, ribbed clothing is going to be everywhere next season. You heard it here first! So you are now ahead of those "trendsetters". Go on with your bad self! ;) 


Can we please pause for a moment and bow down to the body chain goddess? St. Raine by Sarah Strain = perfection for all jewelry, especially body chains. This body chain is my go-to accessory. Not even kidding. It is gold-filled (non tarnish), has a tiny CZ in the middle, and is perfect to wear year round. You don't have to be sporting a bikini to wear a body chain. And if you were to look for a body chain of this quality at a larger retailer, you would be paying five times the price. Don't worry girl, I got you covered. Or should I say St. Raine by Sarah Strain does. ---> Absolutely! 

***And while the brand new St. Raine web site is being perfected, please e-mail all order requests to:

These earrings though. Oh my! They're amethyst gemstones, in what I call a "hoop be-jeweled silhouette". Gorgeous with any hair color and any outfit. I even rock these earrings with a white tank and distressed denim. Yes, basically what I'm saying is that they can be a neutral. You definitely don't have to be dressed uber fancy to wear them. Promise! :)

So dolls, tomorrow is Thursday, and you can do this. Remember that you are capable of doing ANYTHING and I mean anything you set your mind to. If you get stressed out, dance. Just dance and be silly. Or turn up the music in your car and jam out to your favorite chick song! After all, no one is going to be watching you. Everyone is too busy staring at their cell phone. Haha! - Sad but true. ;)

Before I sign off from the second edition in this "Empowering Style and Fashion" series, allow me share this quote that my amazing friend, Jennifer, passed on to me: "Serving the Light. Stay continually focused on the one prevailing truth- ALL THINGS serve one purpose and that is to bring in more light either by shining brightly upon you [and the world] or by creating cracks for the light to shine through."

Isn't that so beautiful? Be the light. And by cracks, we are referring to the whole fact that life is not always perfect. It's the hard times that may try to break us, but in the end we will be stronger for it. And that is especially true if we can always try to come from a place of light and love. So that is my wish for you my dear. And if there is anything I can do to help you, please reach out. I mean that. From career advice, empowering support or styling/wardrobing assistance. I am here to help you come up with an action plan in this busy world. You truly can do anything in this world that you want, it all starts with believing and knowing that you don't have to do it alone. Simply shoot me an email at:



Outfit Recap - remember code LAURASTYLE for 10% OFF your total order:

Clothing: Ribbed Cropped Set - size Small, Medium or Large.
Body Chain: Order requests here: / The St. Raine web site is getting a complete makeover, but I promise Sarah will excellent care of you via e-mail too. 
Amethyst earrings: Again, please submit your order requests to:
Other items pictured, currently not eligible at the 10% discount:
Rockstud Patent Sandal, ivory: Valentino -- And if you want VIP treatment with any purchases c/o Neiman Marcus, please shoot me an e-mail. Remember you are never a "walking wallet" to me; you are a person. I am more than happy to set up a styling appointment for you and/or put you in contact with my go-to team members there. :)

----> As always, please direct all styling, branding and media inquiries to Laura and her team:

*** Special thanks to Marcus Lopez Photography. You are beyond amazing, and these pictures would not exist without all your hard work. You ROCK!
*** Alex Dixon (AKA Ms Painted Lady). Girl, you take hair, makeup and glam to a whole other level. Seriously though. I am bowing down! I felt so beautiful during this shoot, and I cannot thank you enough.
*** Mary Guevara (INSTA: @marygartisty) - what would I do without you? From on-site glam touchups, styling help, and overall keeping me on point. You are my soul sister and I love you to pieces!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

When life gives you lemons . . .

Welcome to Part 1 in a four-part series titled, "Empowering Fashion and Style". These blog posts go in conjunction with the recent article Simonetta Lein published about me and my business, Life-STYLE by Laura. If you don't know Simo, I like to refer to her as the modern day Oprah. Seriously though . . . if you haven't seen that post - here's the link. I cannot thank her enough for sharing my story with the world. What an honor: The Wishmaker Article: Empowering Style with Life-STYLE by Laura
So I present to you the first of four looks that are all about empowerment, fun and celebrating you. After all, why not? 

Such a cliché statement right-- "When life gives you lemons"? Well not to get too off track before we dive into fashion, but when I have lemons (an abundance of lemons at that), I usually make my favorite Texas girl cocktail called a Chilton. It's comprised of club soda, Tito's vodka on the rocks, a salted rim and at least four lemon wedges squeezed-- it's beyond refreshing. Trust me. :)

BUT, in this case, when life and fashion give you lemons in the most adorable two-piece short set ensemble, you just have to have this look in your closet. Not only is it darling and flirty, but it's extremely affordable, versatile, and doesn't it just make you smile? 

**First things first, I'm the realist. Wait isn't that from a rap song "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea? Haha! But in all seriousness, please allow me to clarify one thing up front. In this Skinny in Heels blog and on my social media, I'm truly sharing with you some of my favorite brands, fashion inspirations and more. I sincerely just want to share these looks with you, and if you love them as much as I do, then I promise you will be on cloud 9 when you get them home and wear them yourself. And the coolest part about it is that I have built strong relationships with these boutiques.

The quality of every item shown is impeccable, the price is perfect, and on top of that, YOU get a 10% discount off your total purchase using code LAURASTYLE at checkout at Bask Boutique and St. Raine. Yasssss! ;)

So let's talk about this St. Raine black wrap choker with gold tassels.  Because it blends in with the outfit pretty well, I'm showing you a couple closer looks. Seriously-- I'm obsessed. If you do not own a choker in your accessory stash, or maybe you need a refresher - allow this to be your next go-to. This was actually my first choker to purchase, and I wear it all the time . . . almost too often actually. LOL! She equals true perfection, and I promise you will get SO many compliments with this beauty. 

So you may be wondering why the fun, flirty, spring/summer-like print when it's November? Well my dear, fashion is always about the next season. Resort (AKA pre-spring) collections are popping up in boutiques and major retailers all around the country. If you have a beach vacay or a warm weather getaway planned over the next year, you definitely want to bring this outfit with you. Always plan ahead dolls, because you know the drill. When you are looking for something cute for a trip, and you run to your local mall - you rarely ever find something this cute. Instead, you end up settling just to get something new, but you don't love it. That's no bueno.

Yes it's a resort look, but at the same time, you can absolutely rock this ensemble right now in the cooler weather. (It's not so cool here in Texas, but you know what I mean.) While the pieces are sold as a set, they are equally versatile when styled individually. Let me give you some ideas: 

For instance, try pairing the flared lemon-print shorts (yes they are shorts, which you gotta LOVE) with black opaque tights and a black fringe bootie or a suede over-the-knee/thigh-high boot. Perhaps you wear a black turtleneck bodysuit with the shorts too. All together, this makes for a fun and flirty look, that is ideal for layering with a leather jacket in cooler temperatures. 

The top is absolutely precious . . . I just can't get enough! I wear the top paired back to high-waisted flared jeans, wedges and a boyfriend blazer or my go-to "buttery" black leather peplum jacket. Or if you choose to mix edgy with girly, go for a moto leather jacket. That would create an extremely memorable look - sure to turn a few heads.

So when life gives you lemons, you rock that outfit girl. And don't forget to have fun along the way. After all, this life we live is so beautiful. Not every day is perfect, but there is something beautiful in every day. Keep your chin up and be you. Be empowered. Be inspired. And if there is anything I can do to help you along the way, please let me know.

Outfit Recap - remember code LAURASTYLE for 10% OFF your total order:

Clothing: Lemon print two-piece set- size Small, Medium or Large.
Choker: Black suede choker with gold tassels

Other items pictured, currently not eligible for discount:
Nude ankle strap wedges by Chloé. Similar look here.
White watch. Want the look for less? Go here. Or if you prefer investment pieces with watches,  a nearly identical watch is here. My watch is the 38MM ceramic size. That size is currently not available online, but is available in Neiman Marcus stores. It's a chunky boyfriend-style watch that does not discolor. Timeless.



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And a HUGE shout out to the incredible Marcus Lopez Photography and Alex Dixon, AKA MsPaintedLady for working your hair and makeup magic. You two are rockstars! And Mary Guevara (INSTA: @marygartisty ) - you are a true angel. On-site every step of the way helping with touch ups, hair fluffs and styling assistance. I love all of you dearly. Cheers!